Comments from some of the people who have taken part in my workshops in Victoria, Nanaimo, Parksville and Ganges, BC:


“Cheryl’s workshop convinces you that the lonely, dry job of editing is a quirky, often fun-filled challenge.” — Dr. David Dowling

This workshop is a must-do for anyone, writer or editor, considering a career as a freelancer. Elana Baxter

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I walked away feeling encouraged to delve deeper into the prospects of editing becoming a career choice for me. When I got home ... I still had the energy to go online and look into further education. I’m definitely considering taking [online university] editing courses. ... I’ll keep you posted if I decide to take the plunge.” — Mike Culbertson

“As an editor, Cheryl Cohen focuses on the author’s intended meaning. In her workshop, she presents essential information with a generous spirit, leaving plenty of room for humour.” — Sandi Johnson

“I really enjoyed the workshop. You’re very engaging and made what could easily be a boring subject, interesting and alive. I thought the pace was perfect too. I also liked the venue — nice to have a view and some fresh air.” — Sara Screaton

“I thoroughly enjoyed Cheryl’s editing workshop. Her style is open and engaging and she is very knowledgeable. ... A great overview of editing — and a great way to get more of an understanding from both the author AND the editor’s point of view.” — Emma-Louise Elsey, “Life Coach on the Go," http://lifecoachonthego.com/

“An edifying day well spent.” — Brenda Brooks, writer

“I came away feeling as though Id been encouraged and coached by a trusted mentor. I encourage writers and editors of all levels to connect with Cheryl Cohen whenever she’s offering a workshop; her time, presence, and approach will both inform and inspire.” — Renée Layberry, Darkwaterediting.com

Cheryls Editing Workshop ... for writers toowas as entertaining as it was informative. Highly recommeded. —  Alison Humphries

“I attended the workshop hoping to find inspiration to write a guide book for Salt Spring. Cheryl was very encouraging and provided lots of practical tips. I am happy to report that my project is underway. Thanks Cheryl!” — Nancy Mercer

“You will leave feeling enlightened, motivated, and better equipped to launch a career in editing.” — Ann Braybrooks

“It is insightful and refreshing to learn from someone who has such a rich background. ... Cheryl puts an incredible amount of effort into the workshop.” — Seraphina Capranos, Salt Spring

“I really enjoyed the workshop. The exercises were practical and engaging, your stories of your professional experience gave me a sense of the world of book editing, and the packet of notes includes lots of useful resources. ... the workshop gave me lots of useful tips.” — Kim Woolcock, www.kimwoolcock.com

“Cheryl’s workshop was informative and enjoyable. She creates a comfortable learning environment by offering her knowledge, stories and humour throughout the day. As a writer, my understanding of the editing process greatly expanded thanks to Cheryl’s workshop.” — Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC, Writing for Wellness coach, http://creativewellnessworks.com/

I came away from Cheryl's workshop with more knowledge and direction than I entered with; I feel motivated to advance my editing career.” — Mariah Carlsen (www.mceditingbc.com )

“An excellent workshop experience. Cheryl’s depth of experience and humour kept us all attentive in this well-designed overview of what an editor must know.  It was a pleasure to attend and then to have the informative handout to take away to refresh our knowledge. Thank you, Cheryl.” — Maureen Moore

I recommend the workshop. Cheryl did an excellent job and provided a great deal of useful information.” — Linda Siegel

“For me the greatest benefit comes from seeing the human side of the discipline: how Cheryl relates to her clients and how she prepares herself for a productive editing session.” — Phil Rees, director, Ortlepp Rees Designs Ltd., DesignDifferentials.com

“This workshop provides an informed, accessible and lively introduction to the ‘art’ of editing. Cheryl Cohen has a wealth of experience to share. Absolute beginners and people with some basic experience in editing will find it particularly useful.” Nuria, sessional instructor, UVic

“The workshop was a nice mix of content, perspective, and narrative — your anecdotes were telling, and sometimes, real gems. The exercises were also particularly useful — a nice concrete way of actualizing the ideas you spoke of.” — Heike Lettrari, postgraduate student

“In particular, I was pleased at the effectiveness of the quick exercises combined with discussions that took us all the way to the ‘how to’s’ of professional copy editing and where to find the resources and references in support of that journey.” — Susan Gordon, Salt Spring Island

“I was part of the workshop yesterday, March 3rd and am grateful to have been a part of it. So many different levels of editing that I was unaware of ... all useful information instructed by a lovely woman. Thank you Cheryl.” — Dorothy Owsianik Baker

“Best day spent so far this summer. Enjoyed the workshop immensely.” — Debbie