I was born in Canada to South African parents and taken to South Africa at the age of eighteen months. I left in March 1976, spent six months in Berlin, and then moved to Canada, where I have lived ever since.

My career life started with full-time newspaper journalism. For more than twenty years I worked as both a reporter and editor (including senior positions at The Globe and Mail in Toronto), but in 1997 I became a freelancer and have since focused mainly on book editing.

Currently I live on the West Coast, where a few years ago I created an “Editing Workshop ... for writers too” that I've held in various communities. More recently, I began offering Kids' & Teens' Editing Workshops.

Music is important to me. I write and perform songs, a significant percentage of which have a human rights/social justice tinge. In 2015 I released my first CD, Love & Exile.


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